ISO 14443 Testcard

ISO 14443-Testcard - Circuit and Layout

Please find below the PCB- and layout-data for the ISO 14443-testtransponder, described in the  RFID-Handbook in chapter 10: Download layout-file here.

The layout data are provided as-is,without any guarantees for precision and functionality and without obligations for the downloader.


Circuit of the testcard (click onto circuit to enlarge)

Layout of the tescard - front side (click onto circuit to enlarge)

The arcive provides following files:  
Layout of front-, solderside and top overlay, as GIF-picture. lay*.gif
Layout of front- and solderside, as postscript-file. lay*.ps
Aperture-file m14443.apt
Drilling coordinates m14443.drl
Drill report file m14443.drr
Gerber bottom layer m14443.gbl
Gerber top layer m14443.gtl
Gerber top overlay m14443.gto
Top overlay, HPGL-file m14443.hpg